Medical impact of
green tea

At this website you will find information about green tea and the medical impact of its ingredients. We are an association for advancing the medical effects of green tea (FEGT e.V.) with the aim to promote the usage of green tea in Germany and to spread the knowledge about its qualities.

Existing results and purposes

More and more academic papers and therapeutic results point to a fundamental and important impact of green tea and its ingredients on the human organism. It exists a wide range of medical conclusions that proofs the positive influence that the main ingredient EGCG has on a number of diseases (cardiovascular, cancer, Alzheimer´s, Parkinson´s).

The purpose of the association is the support of systematic, scientific research on the outcome and to strength the public awareness on the subject. Our association was founded in Ratisbon (Bavaria) by leading scientists, affected people and supporters for assisting the research on therapies and medical usage of green tea.



Goals of fegt

  1. The aim is the improvement of comprehensive therapy-potential of green tea and EGCG.
  2. The usage of green tea and EGCG shall be based on a scientific and profound manner.
  3. The patients should achieve an affordable therapy without byeffects.
  4. Medics should be enlightened about the standard of knowledge and motivated to actively use green tea and EGCG for therapies.
  5. The public should be sensitized about this topic.

Tea plantation Cameron highlands, Malaysia

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